EUWID Recycling & Waste Management

Numéro 24, paru le 25 novembre 1997, page 15

Vitrification of waste at low temperatures

( F ) - Mr René TEMEY, an independent French engineer, based in Charenton le Pont has developed a vitrification process at low temperatures for the recycling of fiter cakes. According to Mr TEMEY, the filter cakes result among others from the treatment of municipal wastes, hospital waste, sewage and industrial residues.

Together with waste glass, the waste material is vitrified at temperatures of 900 degrees Celsius. The share of waste glass amonts to 50 per cent. The engineer claims that the resulting material, including the heavy metals, is completely inert, and that it can be used for different applications the construction industry.

The TEMEY process only requires the installation of two different types of furnaces, a tube furnace and a retort, and a moulding press. The actual vitrification process takes 30 minutes and the subsequent cooling process another four hours.